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Our Guide to the Best Cheesesteaks in Philly

Philadelphia Travel Guide- The Cheesesteak Edition

The Penn's View Hotel's Guide to the Best Cheesesteaks in Philly

You can't travel to Philadelphia without sampling the cuisine. Remember, if it wasn't made in Philly, it's not a cheesesteak!

Remember to order with or without ( meaning with or without fried onions) & what cheese you prefer. 

Example – “Can I getta provolone wit ? ” – translation
“May I have a cheesesteak with provolone cheese and fried onions ? ” FYI – At Geno’s & Pat’s you need to go to the next window ( to the left) to order drinks & fries .

In no particular order 

Jim’s Steaks  * – 4th & South Sts  (Society Hill) Chopped-style steak on soft roll,  has a liquor license and indoor seating.

Geno’s Steaks – 9th & Passyaunk Ave. (Italian Market/South Philly)
  Whole-style steak on a crisper roll. Open 24hrs - outdoor seating.

Pat’s Steaks – Originator of the cheesesteak. (Directly across from Geno’s) Same style and hours as above

Cosmi’s – 8th & Dickinson (South Philly) Not far from Pat’s & Geno’s.  Great corner store cheesesteak place.  Family owned and operated for generations.  Award winning Hoagies. Our General Manager's favorite.

Sonny’s Famous * – (Old City) South side of Market between 2nd & 3rd .  Local cheesesteak-only place.  Great cheese fries.

Tony Luke’s – Front St.  & Oregon Ave (South Philly) – Great everything, cheesesteaks, roast beef Italian, chicken cutlets, and sausage, egg & peppers.

Revolution House * - 2nd & Market (Old City) - Twist on the traditional cheesteak, - uses tri-tip steak, 2 cheeses and uses their homemade bread. Great Pizza as well.

  There are other great places such as:

John’s Roast Pork Front & Snyder- 14 Snyder Ave. (South Philly)

Phillips 24th & Passyunk (South Philly) 

Dalessandro’s & Chubby's ( Roxborough) Across the street from each other.

Panini's & Campo’s * (Old City) on Market St

Shank’s (Center City)

Spataro, By George & Carmen's  * (Reading Terminal Market)

* Walking Distance From Hotel 

        In Philadelphia we just call them Cheesesteaks
               not “Philly Cheesesteaks”