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From 01 Nov 2019
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Featured Flight for Novemeber

RED WINE FLIGHT $36      Wine Flight = five 1.5oz glasses of wine

 “Franc-ly Scarlett, Wine Don’t Give a Damn”

at least this month, Cab Franc is the new king--from classic Loire Valley appellation to CA, PA , VA and Uruguay


2017 Cabernet Franc “Chinon, Loire Valley”
 Marc Brédif (France)         17 // 85

owned by Ladoucette, the grapes for the Marc Brédif grow on 15 yr old vines in gravelly soils fro the northern part of the Chinon area of Savigny-en-Véron; all stainless & no oak

- roasted pepper, dried autumn leaves and wild berry

2016 Cabernet Franc “Reserve”
 Garzón (Uruguay)         13 // 65

grapes from granitic soils 11 miles from the Atlantic coast by Wine Enthusiast’s 2018 “Winery of the Year” wine is aged 6 to 12 months on the lees in French oak barrels and casks

- savory char-blistered red pepper skins, red raspberry

2015 Cabernet Franc “Reserve”
 Barboursville Vineyards (VA)         15 // 75

produced on the Barbour mansion site designed by Thomas Jefferson, the father of American viticulture, by Italian winemaker Luca Paschina and the Zonin Family of Veneto

- toasted chestnut, red fruit layered w/ fresh tanned leather

2015 Cabernet Franc “Reserve”
 Penns Woods Winery (PA)         14 // 70

grown locally by Gino Razzi & daughter Carley, crafting world class wine in Brandywine Valley just 30 miles away

- tomato skins, wild raspberry, ripe cherry, touch of caramel

2016 Cabernet Franc “Paso Robles”
 Brady Vineyard (CA)         16 // 80

established in 2001, the 24-acre site is ideally situated for world-class viticulture, with vines rooted in the gravelly soils that form a rolling alluvial terrace overlooking Estrella River

- chewy lush amarena cherry, whiff of cedar & oak on finish

Featured Flight for Novemeber
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