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From 01 May 2017
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Wine of the Month for May

Wine of the Month for May:

This crowd-pleaser from Marche, Italy (sandwiched between Tuscany and Abruzzi) is a juicy, yet elegant blend that is the ideal wine for kicking off the grilling season--pairing beautifully with any char-grilled flavors of Spring into Summer and from vegetables to meats.  

The Adino also represents our "Ultimate Wine Match" with the Polpetta on our menu..mustering enough fruit for the intensity of the Wagyu meatball and enough acid to cut through the richness of the gourmet version of classic comfort fare:

in the glass~ easy drinking, fresh & dried cherry fruit of the montepulciano grape seamlessly balanced by the tart strawberry and straw notes afforded by 10% sangiovese in the blend

Montepulciano 90/Sangiovese 10 “Adino~Rosso Conero” Spinsanti  '14   Bin #83 

 12/glass   60/bottle

Wine of the Month for May
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